Friday, 25 May 2018

Kevin Harrison ‎– "Fly" (Glass Records ‎– GLASS 017) 1982

Kevin wants a hit, so the tried and trusted method of appealing to the feet rather than the brain is employed.
The result is some low budget white man's disco that I hope they had a laugh making.
I notice an errant 'Special' is listed as playing bass on this,as in 1982 he had nothing better to do I suppose.
The third track could have been a filler on a later Cluster album or Ash Ra goes disco.

DOWNLOAD and uzip the fly HERE!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Kevin Harrison ‎– "Tape-Recordings 1975-1985" (Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD145.B1.KH) 2016

A compilation from the archives of Kevin Harrison.
Kevin's usual brand of combining Cluster with Ash Ra via Frippertronics is largely in evidence here.
Its kinda timeless, except that nowadays we'd call the track 'Vapour Trails' 'Chem-Trails' for various and imaginative reasons.....won't go on a rant because its too silly.Yes they are still made from water vapour,but try telling that to a Flat-Earther and see how long it is before they tell you to 'Wake Up'! Oh the Irony!?.....this kind of made up fear mongering fake shite is why we now have Trump holding our fate in his small orange hands.

DOWNLOAD before the depopulation chemical spraying jets get you HERE!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Kevin Harrison ‎– "Inscrutably Obvious" (Cherry Red ‎– BRED 16) 1981

Cherry Red seemed intent on signing up everyone in Nuneaton.So, Kevin Harrison got his chance to foist his revamped version of his "Earth2" cassette from 1980 on the public,and called it "Inscrutably Obvious".
It's a very krautrocky, minimalist electronic offering, which reminds one of fellow Coventry area electronicists "Sea Of Wires", and of proto-house cosmic guitar legend,kraut, Manuel Gottsching's mid-seventies albums,or Achim Reichel; with a large splash of Frippertronics.


A1 The Cantonese Detective Agency
A2 Some Aspect Of Music
A3 All Night Long
A4 Wooden Heartthrob Of Peking
A5 Chase The Dragon
A6 The Word
A7 Cyclotron
A8 Water
A9 Take It Away
B1 Flicker
B2 Stretch / 1
B3 Stretch / 2
B4 Horizontal / Diagonal (Live At Nags Head Nuneaton)
B5 M0903A
B6 Melodica Melodica
B7 People In Space
B8 Free-Float

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Kevin Harrison ‎– "Spectro Verdu Est Mort?" (Glass Records ‎– GLASSMC 015) 1981

Every East Midlands town has a local musical hero called 'Kevin' haven't they? Leicester has Kevin Hewick at least anyway......Kevin Coyne for Derby,maybe Kevin Rowland for Birmingham, but that's West Mids innit; and Rowland was a Londoner allegedly.....well, he sounded like one when he was one of those Punk Rocker chaps in The Killjoys?
Nuneaton's 'Kevin', was, of course, Kevin Harrison.
No spring chicken in '81, our Kevin had been around since the early seventies, playing in various beat combos and what not.Our Kev was,prior to his solo outings,also in a quite awful local 'punk' band called The Urge,who were very crap.So he'd done his time and graduated. Strewth!?  He was even chums with This Heat,somehow?
This is a cassette he made for a nascent Glass Records,which showcases his eclectic musical taste,from minimal composition,Krautrock, Fripp and Eno to post-punk.
Mostly recorded in his home studio,its a UK DIY classic.Especially fine are the tracks that end side two, namely the tape-echo workout called 'Walkabout' and 'Making Friends in Radioland';where a recording of Kevin offering his opinions on some new record releases on a local radio show is the basis of an amusing musique concrete experiment.The chirpy local radio, 'Smashy and Nicey' type presenters voice sits in stark contrast to Kevins moody responses. When asked for scores out of ten for some unheard pop tunes,we get :"Well thats ten from Yvonne and Glenda.....and you Kevin?"
"",says the not so young mr Harrison.


1 Tensions Between Emotions
2 Enmeshed
3 Indirect Contrast
4 The True Bounce (Of Invested Energy)
5 Escaping From The Zoo
6 Modern Industry With Its Back Against The Wall
7 Time Shift
8 A Moment Of Joy
9 Pablo 

10 The Humming Of The Hive
11 Returns Happy
12 Alpha/Zeta
13 Voices 1

14 Voices 2
15 Waalwijk
16 Shutdown
17 Verdant Arcadia
18 Bent Logic
19 Commercial Radio Riding On Phil Spector's Back
20 Screened Surface
21 The Changing Face Of Today's Music
22 News At One
23 The Middle East Construct
24 Fast Forward
25 Thoughts Of Ripples Suddenly Disturbed
26 The Popeye Melodies Are Gone
27 Hammer Nails Into A Wall/Something Curious
28 "It's A Good World, Isn't It?"
29 Walkabout
30 Making Friends In Radioland/
 Derv's Radar Favourites From Space

Monday, 21 May 2018

Jandek ‎– "What Else Does The Time Mean?" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0784) 2006

Jandek Monday again; with the dysfunctional Ginger loner looking troubled holding an axe,(not hipster talk for an instrument,an actual axe), on the cover doesn't fill one with confidence that our hero has decided to write some happy love songs.
And one would be right. Its another slow slide down the deck of a sinking ship into the icy black waters of a deep ocean of torment.......but with effects this time!? It seems Jandek had bought himself a cheap multi-effects pedal,favoring the digital slap back echo setting. It accentuates the feeling of isolation and loneliness very nicely indeed.
What else would time have been invented for if not to waste it wallowing in a trench of self-pitying despair.When your hour of Jandekian doom has finished you will realise that life ain't all that bad after all, despite the horror of mortality.Think about that shit tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD or what else have you got to do with your time HERE!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Peter Becker ‎– " Ambivalent Scale / Tape Recordings 1979 - 1981" (Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD115.3) 2013

Peter Becker, one half of Eyeless In Gaza, released a couple of minimal synth pop cassette around 1980 on his Ambivalent Scale recordings label. Kindly gathered together for this compilation on our mate and yours' label,Vinyl on Demand......the on demand bit meaning...'Are you Loaded?'.....loaded being Cash, not off yer tits on drugs.
Its classically wobbly,sequencer-free, analogue synth-pop from the peak of the UK DIY era.
He would go on to 'greater' things with Eyeless In Gaza, but this  is that duo's understated equal


A1 Drum Avant 7 2:00
A2 Music For Playgrounds 2:10
A3 Faces In The Dark 1:28
A4 Eyes Blink (Disco Mix) 2:33
A5 Music For The Italian Tourist Board 1:57
A6 Forch Funk 3:18
A7 Veil (PB Version) 1:58
A8 Eyes Blink (Version) 2:16
A9 Spider Noise / Ant Noise 2:28
A10 By Train To The Coast 1:28
A11 Arabesque 1:03
B1 Ukrainian Stained Glass 1:23
B2 Voyage Across 2:20
B3 We Can’t Break The Spell 2:19
B4 Aborigine Spirit Dance 2:29
B5 Loneliness Disco 2:28
B6 Ukrainian Church 1:00
B7 Winter Glide 3:21
B8 Transatlantic Flight 4:17
B9 Distance 2:33

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Eyeless In Gaza ‎– "Mythic Language" (Ambivalent Scale Recordings ‎– ASR 050) 2014

I know what you're all thinking......Who is Megan Markle wearing today?.....for those who don't know who Megan Markle is, 1/ - I envy you; and 2/- She's the idiot who's marrying Prince Harry (I give it twenty years of a slow slide into another royal divorce).
Yes I was unfortunate enough to sit down to eat my sandwich and watch a bit of TV when I was confronted by the wall-to-wall coverage of the Sycophantic Circus that is thee Royal out for some dodgy policy announcements from the government hidden behind the smoke screen of designer babble and petty celebrity cameo's.
I scrambled for my royal approved Douche-Bag to deport my sandwich into as, between wretches, the commentators brown nosed the sickening smattering of desperate celebrities mingling in amongst the 'Elite'.This just about summed up the incandescent irrelevance of this laughable Illuminati party.
I noticed some black guests strolling up towards Windsor castle past some policemen who would normally have stopped them and planted something illegal on the male ones......but, No, not today.We're told we're all equal now because Megan's got a black mummy.
It doesn't end there, because apart from James fucking Blunt,Idris Elba(some actor bloke) was spotted hob-nobbing with the hoi polloi, and future president of the useless.S.of A, Oprah Winfry is videoed at length, not because she is black, but because she's an invited guest?????; chit chatting in the chapel with Earl Spencer......she's made it into the white elite at last?!
No doubt that Gil Scott Heron would call all these brothers and sisters 'Uncle Toms',and they are......I may be sounding like the latest trendy racial term, 'White Gammon', but white people need an 'Uncle Tom' slur equivalent for the token underclass representatives that have been ordered to attend so we forget about the wealth that these royal bloodsuckers have stolen in the past.Give us our castles and gold back.Windsor castle has plenty of spare rooms for homeless people,and I guess the Windsors/Saxe-Coburgs, have been exempted from the infamous 'Spare Room Tax' that has plunged the underclass deeper into debt slavery. 
Having dissed the Royals somewhat,it's worth mentioning that Prince Harry has,luckily for him, very little 'Royal Blood', as his father was obviously James Hewitt.Genetically he is more, or, less one of 'Us', which explains why he seem relatively 'normal'.

James Hewitt              Harry Saxe-Coburg
A good day to bury some bad news behind the even worse reality of this despicable privileged pantomime.......'They're Behind You'  
I wager they're even watching this debacle in Gaza.....which reminds me what this post was originally about......Eyeless In Gaza.....

Eyeless In Gaza recorded dustbins full of stuff,and it all seems to have been of a similarly high quality. So naturally, in these days of releasing every fart a band made in or out of the recording studio, here's the obligatory studio out-takes, demo's and live album released 30 years after the fact. Its a rather splendid document of a very fine and prolific duo.The savage guitar attack on the live disc being particularly impressive.Up there for shear speed with the guitarists from The Wedding Present and the Nightingales
(Yeah I know there was a third ,and irrelevant disc of solo Martyn Bates in the '90's',but who wants to be reminded of their 90's-selves?......i don't, thank you very much! i've only uploaded the good stuff,cheap/free storage space is precious.....there's an extras disc as well,but its not too essential)


Disc #1 : Egg Box Mask (Eyeless In Gaza : Studio Recordings 1980-1983)

1-1 –All Echo
1-2 –Lines Of Flame
1-3 –You, So Open
1-4 –The Sun-Like-Gold
1-5 –Mythic Language
1-6 –Alms Houses
1-7 –Old Hours, Slow Daybreak
1-8 –Three Nights Running
1-9 –See She Sells, On The Seashore, Shells
1-10 –We Shade Our Eyes
1-11 –Quiet Lustre
1-12 –Prayerbook To The Quiet
1-13 –Second Music
1-14 –See The Dark Pools Flash
1-15 –The Raindreaming Ship
1-16 –Songs Of Coming Winter
1-17 –Autumn Mixes Its Colours
1-18 –Song Of A Man Who Has Come Through

Disc #2 : Fixation (Eyeless In Gaza : Live Recordings 1980-1982)

2-1 –In Flux
2-2 –Blue Distance
2-3 –Two Years On
2-4 –Lines Of Flame
2-5 –Sound Track
2-6 –The Skeletal Framework
2-7 –Struck Like Jacob Marley
2-8 –Darker Portraits
2-9 –Kiss Syntax
2-10 –Pale Hands I Loved So Well
2-11 –November, Silver & Dark
2-12 –Forward Steps
2-13 –Primary Colour
2-14 –Palms
2-15 –Urge (The Favourite Game)

Friday, 18 May 2018

Eyeless In Gaza ‎– "Caught In Flux" (Cherry Red ‎– bred 18 + 12 bred 18) 1981

I didn't rush out in my school lunch break and buy Eyeless in Gaza'a second album of 1981,unlike I did with the first album.
There was far too much going on musically back then,and they had started to repeat themselves as early as 1980,then continued to do so.This album is a testament to that.
Basically its 'Photographs as Memories' 2, but without the hits.
However, listening to it now , compared to the incredibly terrible pop the kids listen to today this is Mozart. Full of the intelligence, energy and passion that the millennial generation seems to have none of......even when they're playing on their X-Box or Playstation. Obsessed by trivia in an insular world of 'Tech', and disposable triple albums for twerking about breaking up with boyfriends.
Such was the small demand for Eyeless In Gaza products, Cherry Red included a free 12" EP.But things moved fast in those days and they got lost in the milieu......funny how time seems to have slowed down, or is it because our own personal perceptions have sped up?...but art in general seems to have become stuck.
Musically 'Grime' is spoken of as the latest thing, but wasn't that around at the turn of the millenium(?), Dizzy Rascal and all that? That's not excluding the fact that its really just 'Hip-Hop',(which has been around since Eyeless In Gaza's Caught In Flux!) with a silly name featuring 40 year old rappers talking in that very silly accent where 'Th' become 'Phfff' ......I Phffink,Phffank God, therephorr I yam.....Nah,I don't Phffink so mate!
Someone was going on about how 'Rap' began in Africa last week.....frankly who gives a flying fuck where it was invented,the sad thing is that it can't be uninvented in Africa!......dunno how I got here but, it was fun.


The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers

A1 The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers 5:25
A2 Still Air 3:38
B1 Out From The Day-To-Day 3:00
B2 True Colour 4:17
B3 Keynote Inertia 2:30

Caught In Flux

C1 Sixth Sense 3:30
C2 Point You 2:27
C3 Voice From The Tracks 4:00
C4 Scale Amiss 3:00
C5 The Decoration 2:45
C6 Continual 2:15
D1 Soul On Thin Ice 2:50
D2 Rose Petal Knot 2:10
D3 Skeletal Framework 3:30
D4 See Red 2:35
D5 Half Light 3:15
D6 Every Which Way 5:01

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Eyeless In Gaza ‎– "Photographs As Memories" (Cherry Red ‎– BRED 13) 1981

What a great album?
I vividly remember spending my £3.99 one school lunchtime on this after reading a Review in Sounds. I thought it was by Dave McCollough,but no, it was Des Moines, the compiler of 'Hicks From The Sticks".....and guess it is:

by DES MOINES (Sounds, February 14, 1981)

"This record celebrates the first anniversary of Nuneaton duo Eyeless In Gaza and simultaneously plugs another hole in the Coventry Nuneaton jigsaw already graced by the Reluctant Stereotypes, The Urge and semi-cult figures Pete Bosworth and Kevin Harrison.
Recorded and mixed very cheaply in 24 hours last July, the disc has a decidedly ‘live’ feel to it, a feel which guarantees plenty of atmosphere while taking its toll in terms of bum notes, fluffed timing (cock an ear to Bates beserkly-strummed guitar on ‘Knives Replace Air’) and recurrent instrumental indecisiveness. But that’s the price you pay for being committed to first takes and minimal overdubbing usually only one synthesiser overdub per track. The entire trip is excruciatingly intense, speculative and aggressive, and almost totally devoid of discernible influences.
American jazz-funk, Big Youth and Robert Wyatt are all professed heroes of Becker and Bates, but you hear as little of them as you do of anyone except Eyeless throughout this stupendously self-assured long-playing record.
There are a lot of flaws. Former R Stereotypes song-smith Bates has an extremely challenging voice but doesn’t vary it half as much as he needs to, and sometimes affects it so contrivedly it takes the form of unlistenable asinine rantings or else projects like an unsuccessful Louis Armstrong impression.
Usually, though, it’s just so for futurism par excellence. ‘From A to B’, ‘Speech Rapid Fire’ and ‘No Noise’ are three representations of how Becker (£200 Wasp synthesiser, voice, percussion, violin, stylophone, ‘treated tapes’) and Bates (voice, electric guitar, plastic organ, soprano sax) at full flow achieve their thoroughly magic melodies. Their formula isn’t easy to unravel. Becker’s uncanny flair for compelling succinct synthesiser hook lines is the conspicuous characteristic, but Bates’ imperiously evocative vocal is a factor just as crucial.
‘John of Patmos’, with a vocal line superficially reminiscent of ‘White Man In Hammersmith Palais’ and featuring Bates’ cliché crazy sax, is one that botches its pretension to ‘avoid entropy’, disintegrating into time-wasting chaos and representing Eyeless at their worst. ‘In Your Painting’ is similar rubbish, the musical equivalent of cycling over a canvas full of oil paints and calling the result ‘art’. Listen out for both of them nonetheless we rolled about when we heard them, they’re so ridiculous. They made us feel so conservative!
Sad that ‘Kodak Ghosts Run Amok’, the indie EP of ’80, didn’t join the other ‘Photographs As Memories’, a victim of the frequently misguided ‘no duplication-of-material’ stance favoured by your average left-field combo. But the highspots of the album are truly staggering, and it’ll be interesting to witness the band break cover from the false security of policy statements (‘It’s important to us that our music intuitive … we make music from pure feeling as opposed to analytical and methodical considerations‘ etc etc) get up there on a podium, take risks and sing for their suppers. Sing, in fact, lyrics like ‘Scratch at peeling veneer, worn unpolished. Carve more lines and refuse to acknowledge Praise up your figure. The Indian giver. As if it’s seven years bad luck just to look in the mirror’. (‘Seven Years ’)."

Yeah, I'll concur with that, saves me writing anything much anyway.
Just that it sounds better today than when i first played it.
Its hard to believe Martyn Bates was in the truly awful ska bandwagon missers,The Reluctant Stereotypes, with the truly awful future MTV 'VJ',Paul King of 'King';that truly awful group from Coventry who had a couple of truly awful hits in about 1985,and whose main contribution to fashion were truly awful mullets and doc martens sprayed with paint.....Truly Awful!


A1 Seven Years
A2 Fixation
A3 Looking Daggers
A4 From A. To B.
A5 Clear Cut Apparently
A6 Speech Rapid Fire
A7 John Of Patmos
B1 Knives Replace Air
B2 Faceless
B3 In Your Painting
B4 A Keepsake
B5 Whitewash
B6 No Noise

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Eyeless In Gaza ‎– "Others" (Cherry Red ‎– Cherry 31) 1981

Another Eyeless In Gaza EP from 1981 that contains interchangeable tracks that could fit on any of their early records,and could even sit comfortably in with the out-takes.Although these tracks could easily have been out-takes from the "Photographs As Memories" LP (up next)


A Others 2:52
B1 Jane Dancing 1:02
B2 Ever Present 1:53
B3 Avenue With Trees 3:21

Eyeless In Gaza ‎– "Invisibility" (Cherry Red ‎– Cherry 20) 1981

Eyeless's big indie label debut from 1981. 
Not really a singles band as you could pick nearly any track to be a single as they all seem to be of the same standard, and not exactly catchy.
If minimalist electronic punky introverted extrovert soul is your bag down the disco then this is the duo for you.


A Invisibility 2:39
B1 Three Kittens 4:43
B2 Plague Of Years 1:38

Eyeless In Gaza ‎– Kodak Ghosts Run Amok (Ambivalent Scale Recordings ‎– ASR 002) 1980

Eyeless In Gaza ,the kings of the Nuneaton sound, got their single out well before Bron Area(probably had more money?),and sounded immediately more sophisticated and capable than their local rivals. They seemed to come out of the womb fully formed,and unleashed a torrent of the highest quality,and emotionally charged minimal post punk avant-soul.Three EP's and two albums within the space of a year!?
This one is their debut vinyl on their own DIY label Ambivalent Scale from 1980, and displays a repeated interest in photography as a psychological catalyst for rebirth,or time travel. 


A Kodak Ghosts Run Amok
B1 China Blue Vision
B2 The Feelings Mutual

Monday, 14 May 2018

Jandek ‎– "I Threw You Away" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0770) 2002

Who did he throw away????
Only the bleakest music for the bleakest day of the week.Its Sterling's 32nd album,and it's 'Jandek Monday'again.Coming round like a dose of musical shingles to ruin your week.
A return to his classic howling and despondent strumming style,enhanced with some wailing harmonica squalls.After the previous three spoken word albums,this bleak masterpiece has been described as like mainlining grief submerged in a cold fog in a butchers shop of the soul. Alas, I reckon its also like the closest any non-junkie can get to experiencing the excruciating withdrawal symptoms of cold turkey.Instead of withdrawing from hard drugs, its a withdrawal from happiness.
The Jandek listening experience is as much a part of the recording as is the 'music'.One can implant ones own deepest anguishes and pain into the songs like cold lightening entering a golf club and stopping the heart of its captor.
Crawl into a pit of despondency with the mysterious Texan bard of Misery and experience the catharsis of knowing there's something out there who is more self-pitying than you are.

Sad Anorak Moment No. 27856:

The picture on the sleeve is in Cork City, Ireland. Thats St. Marys Cathedral in the background......yes Jandek went on Holidays it seems?!
And here's what it looks like now:


1 Blues Turned Black 12:14
2 It Seems Forever 7:39
3 I Threw You Away 8:10
4 Frozen Beauty 11:50
5 The World Stops 9:01

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Bron Area ‎– "The Trees And The Villages" (Glass Records – GLALP 005) 1983

Bron Area try their level best to make some palatable post punk pop that nobody liked.
There's something sad about 'Unpopular Pop',like a neglected toy stuffed in the corner of a dusty cupboard. Bron area obviously wanted to be liked, and have clearly tried hard to make some 'proper' tunes with melodies, and musicianly craft. The trouble is its actually hard to write a catchy melody.Experimentation is easy, but to actually write a song that sticks in 'yer brane' and keeps you humming it long after the record finishes takes.....well......talent?
Bron should have stuck to experimental pop, which is another word for 'unpopular pop',which they did,accidentally......However, the tunes on here display a certain charming quality, of youth learning to be grown up and then finding out that sophisticated adulthood is very, very, crap.We then spend the remainder of our lives trying to reattain the perfection we had before it got corrupted.Once invented it can't be uninvented, and impossible to unlearn. Unless someone creates the Khymer Rouge of pop.....led by a Pol Pot of Pop.
Any volunteers?
I'd love to, know what?.....I can't be fucking arsed!


A1 Les Arbes 3:29
A2 Love Stories 6:30
A3 As Midday Screams 1:58
A4 This Year 1:02
A5 Dancing 4:04
A6 Sometimes In Water ... 2:41
B1 Caught Then Drowned Affection 2:00
B2 Elegy To Innocence 7:45
B3 Secret Places 4:09
B4 In Victory 4:04
B5 Separate Rooms 2:31

Bron Area ‎– "Different Phrases" (Glass Records ‎– GLASS 012) 1982

A jaunty triptych of post punk synth pop from Nuneaton, including Bron area's signature tune, "You'd Be amazed" albeit in a rather overcooked version.
The sound in general is moving away from sounding like chums Eyeless in Gaza towards innocent sounding ear friendly pop tunes.Ahhhhhh!


A Different Phrases 3:19
B1 You Would Be Amazed 2:43
B2 Dancing 4:05

Friday, 11 May 2018

Bron Area ‎– "Fragile Sentences" (Ambivalent Scale Recordings ‎– ASR 012) 1981

OK, so i've been informed that Eyeless in Gaza met at a Bron Area gig, but when did the they both start sounding like each other?
Eyeless In Gaza had two albums out in 1981, so I'm assuming that they got there first?'There',being 'The Nuneaton Sound' I suppose?
It does tend to happen in local scenes, where everyone seems to adopt the same style, and sound alike, even unconsciously? From MerseyBeat onwards this has been a fact,and a demonstration of the Human pack instinct in action.
If there's anyone out there who don't know what Eyeless In Gaza sound I won't say Bron Area,tempting though it is.
Think, minimal electronics, naked guitar slashing, in yer face over emotive vocalising in a shoutier sub- Billy Mackenzie slow vibrato stylee,but without the high notes.That's Bron Area in Gaza for ya!
Despite that its good stuff,or at least 'was' good stuff, until eyeless got far too sophisticated and self-consciously 'experimental' for Bron Area, they should have stopped after this DIY single/EP.


A1 Fragile Sentences

A2 Green Avenue
B1 The Unfortunate Reply
B2 System

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Bron Area ‎– "One Year" (Ambivalent Scale Recordings ‎– ASR 003) 1980

Keeping on a theme of post punk minimal synth duo's, from the seething hotbed of post punk creativity that, Warwickshire (UK)?....... comes,or came, Bron Area.
A kind of Post Punk version of The Carpenters,but without the tunes, were Steven Parker(Check out his classic electronic Folk tape with Kevin Harrison Here!) and Martin Packwood; augmented by French bloke Alain Royer. I suppose a French Bloke would be at home in Nuneaton, because that's the kind of small anonymous town that makes up the majority of France. A pointless place stuck on the borderline between east and west midlands, where the slovenly 'Brummie' meets the East Midlands accent(as now made famous by East Mids own  Sleaford Mods,probably the only band left on the planet worth listening to?). I do remember scoring a Hat-Trick in a football match against Nuneaton Borough; the third goal I compleatly sliced on the six yard line and it went in off the post; that is kind of what Bron area was for the music accidental hit,viewed with greater fondness the further back in time they drifted. Of course I now remember this hat-trick goal with a slight tear in the eye (mainly because i doubt i can even run these days,never mind score a bloody goal!), and Bron Area has that same taste.Music of such naiveté and charming innocence is no longer  possible in this over-informed shit-hole that is modern life.
Unfortunately,they quickly lost their innocence,and started to sound....oh christ!..... "sophisticated",and .....i hate this word too...."Experimental". Experiment as much as you want, you will never attain the sonic heights of accidentally creating something randomly weird purely because you don't know any better.
Their peon to the golden year of 1977, the year Punk Broke for us provincial types, is utterly charming but there contains a small moment of truth within the primary school poetry....."We all cried, the night the energy died, that was 1977"......of course the energy didn't die in 1977,perhaps a few years later in 1983, but i suppose the rot had set in as the leaders sold out,but that was when us provincial kids started ....ahhh shit......"Experimenting"!?
This cassette captured that moment of transition, before Bron Area got "Experimental" and started to sound like "Sophisticated" fellow Nuneaton synth duo, Eyeless In Gaza......or was it vice versa(Not the Band)?

A1 You'd Be Amazed
A2 The Long Dream
A3 Unknown Friends
A4 1977
A5 Yes She Knows
A6 Love Song
A7 Images
B1 Sunday Morning
B2 Walking
B3 You'd Be Amazed
B4 Swarm
B5 The Car
B6 1945
B7 Calling Michael
B8 Genette
B9 Green Avenue
B10 "Jazz"
B11 Where Is She Now?

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Max & Malcolm ‎– "Max & Malcolm" (Dangerous Rhythms ‎– DANGER 1) 1982

Yeah,that's all great, but what happened to the members of Metabolist ?
No-one really knows, except for this solitary Cold Wave tinged minimal electronic LP from 1982,featuring Malcolm Lane,main protagonist of said post-prog starlets.
Who's this 'Max' geezer then?
Pseudonymously labeled 'Max Headroom' he bears an unfortunate resemblance to 'Twat of the year 2005', Pete Doherty(If you don't know who he was, don't find out!),or maybe even Twat of the Seventies and beyond, Sir Paul MaCartney. Other than that there seems to be no consequent trace of Mr Headroom; unlike messers Doherty and MaCartney.
That's how we like it way down here; do what needs to be done then fuck Off back under your rock.Again,unlike Messers Doherty and MaCartney!
Malcolm did some other obscure stuff,but i'm damned if I can remember what they were!?
This venture into the murky world of guitar and drum ethnically  enhanced minimal electronica is really very good indeed.
It maintains the darkness of Metabolist's studio work,but stripped down even further to the bare bones,enhancing the misery and loneliness a notch.Music for anonymous urban bedsit dwelling.

Are The Trumpets Ready
Slow Dancing 

Why Do Tigers Wander Thru My Mind?
Palest Of Places
Their Ghosts Do Shimmer
High Adventure
Into Space
Lost People
Wild Beast

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Homosexuals ‎– "Astral glamour" (Hyped To Death ‎– MSS-204) 2004

Way back between 1978 and '82, from a time when 'CD' was personal column talk for 'Cross-Dresser',The Homosexuals produced a cassette lake of unreleased music,and a few self-financed ep's. Then twenty-odd years later, in 2004, Hyped 2 Death released these 3 CD's in a box full of Homosexuals.
To label yourself a Homosexual in 1978 was a life-threatening act, and this bunch of, probably, straight squatters, were prepared to suffer for their art.
Firstly, no record label would touch any group called that with your barge-pole,never mind release any records.Not that anyone in The Homosexuals gave two fucks.
Their philosophy was admirably puritanical in its rejection of any commerciality whatsoever. Even the cult of personality was roundly shunned as no-one was really sure who was in the band, or what their names were, especially as their pseudonyms changed almost weekly.
Sadly,now we sort of know who the members were, and most of their recordings are more readily available for the great unwashed to exchange their monetary units for.
The most prolific member, Jim Whelton (or Welton?), carried on privately releasing music well into the 21st century, under a myriad of different monikers....which you can find in the archives of this blog by clicking here!
So this box set,featuring plenty unreleased versions of Homosexuals related material, is the logical end for our all too brief sojourn into the murky world of The Homosexuals.
Abnormal service will be resumed forthwith.

PS...check out my 'Homosexuals Special' radio show from Weds 09th May, on LYL radio at 3pm-4pm this>

Track Listing:
Disc: 1
1. Hearts in Exile
2. Soft South Africans

3. Astral Glamour
4. Divorce Proceeding(s) from Reality
5. Collected of You
6. Vociferous Slam
7. Mecho Madness
8. Flying
9. Technique Street
10. Mecho Madness, No. 2
11. (Do The) Total Drop
12. Walk Before Imitate
13. Neutron Lover
14. Naming of Parts
15. False Sentiments
16. Birds Have Risen I
17. Birds Have Risen II
18. Kiss With Venom
19. A Million Keys
20. My Night Out
21. All About Cheap
22. Hearts in Exile [Full Mix]
23. Soft South Africans [Guitar Mix]
24. Collapsible You
25. Regard Omission
26. Galore Galore
27. Cause a Commotion
28. Nippon Airways

Disc: 2
1. Prestel
2. You're Not Moving the Way You're Supposed To (Pt. 1)
3. Calvary
4. Symphonic Thaïs
5. Toto Rello
6. Yoghurt
7. Mad Bombers of Major Valour
8. Re Entry
9. You're Not Moving the Way You're Supposed To (Pt. 2)
10. Snapshots of Nairobi [Live]
11. Mitsu at the Controls
12. Still Living in My Car
13. Jesus
14. Magic Moments, Pt. 2
15. Magic Moments, Pt. 1
16. Cheetah [Vocal Version]
17. Early Developments [Vocal Version]
18. One Minute [Vocal Version]
19. Making Eyes [Vocal Version]
20. Vision Expanding [Vocal Version]
21. Charlie Watts [Vocal Version]
22. Galore Galore [Vocal Version]
23. Across Continents
24. Final Distance
25. Pamela
26. It's What's in It, Isn't It?

Disc: 3
1. Nursery Chymes
2. In Search of the Perfect Baby
3. Snapshots of Nairobi [Instrumental]
4. My Size Side
5. High and Low
6. Black Noise
7. Ants on Parade
8. In My Age
9. Woman/Man
10. Victoria Falls
11. Oh Baby Baby
12. Making Eyes
13. Charlie Watts
14. Symbols I Love
15. Especially to You
16. Two Horizons
17. There Are Shy Moons
18. Adventure Master of the Future
19. Early Developments
20. Gimme Gimme
21. One Minute
22. Cheetah (Click here for missing MP3)
23. Visions Expanding
24. Who Put the Jung in the Jungle Drums
25. Radio Ham Stormy Jam
26. Another Step
27. Funeral

Monday, 7 May 2018

Jandek ‎– "Not Hunting For Meaning" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0797) 2009


Jandek's difficult 59th album, or could this be called an EP?
I like the title a lot.Hunting for meaning is the main cause of human misery in my book.Accept your situation like Jandek obviously does, and you will become happier. Nihilism can bring one peace if you, or society, allows it. Find comfort in the meaninglessness of existence.Its like this because IT IS....more philosophically referred to as the Anthropic Principle, if you wanna get fancy about it?
Music-wise,if 'Music' is an appropriate adjective for this aural torture? The 'Corwood Representative' treats us to more untuned solo acoustic guitar and wolf like vocals that sound like he's shitting broken glass. The guitar sounds almost in tune on this one, but I wouldn't hunt for any meaning beyond expressions of Isolation, grief, and emotional torment.
Pop this on at your party when you want the fuckers to leave.
That's what the 'Front porch Shimmy' is I suggest?


1 Front Porch Shimmy 4:10
2 Stay Me Here 4:55
3 Silent Wander 29:23

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Die Trip Computer Die - "Flowerball" (Self- Released Cd-r) 2000

Yet another unreleased samplerdelic musique concrete underground classic from Whelton and the lads.Up to their usual standards of 'out-there-ness'.Its so obscure i'm not sure the band know of its existence. Therfore it qualifies under the famed N.Senada's (see 'Not Available' by The Residents) 'Theory of Obscurity' dogma as now releasable.


01 System of the Tortured
02 Gestations
03 A Bad Idea
04 In Bed With 1000 Priests
05 Seductive Song of War
06 Messrs Smirkett & Bloat
07 Fink Drummer
08 Chief-Inspector Kickback
09 Contains Psychological
10 Goodbye Again
11 Every 'Why' Is A 'How'
12 The Naked Statue
13 Roll, Frankie Roll
14 A Short Film About Gas
15 Flowerball

Monday, 30 April 2018

Jandek ‎– "The Humility Of Pain" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0771) 2002

Jandek Monday beckons us yet again!
'Pain' is french for bread, and modern English for JANDEK!
Bread is a humble food, so the Humility of Pain (Bread) is very appropriate as Jandek forces the same response by the shear torture of his music.I humbly beg this jandek torture to please stop.
And so it does for short 6 day periods of tranquility, only to return to make the torture seem more intense.
Another Classic window into a mind, imagined or otherwise, of emotional turmoil and raw honest,human,suffering is what is on offer here. Filling the gaps between the notes with adequate reminders that we probably are already living in Hell.
The cover photograph,looks not unlike what the entrance to a 'real' Hell would look like in a Nightmare.Full of shadowy corners,with distant dark moanings filling the stale,dank, air;never quite seeing what monstrosity awaits past the bend in the narrow road,a visual analogy for life and the fear of its end?In fact there are a few corners of my village that look like that!?
What a great way to start another fruitless week on this rock?

1 The Humility Of Pain 7:21
2 Work Of Art 4:46
3 I Stepped Out Of It 5:33
4 I Want To Look In 6:38
5 I Can’t Leave A Clue 4:43
6 Share My Life 6:45
7 You Know You Need 5:38

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Die Trip Computer Die - "Abyss" (self-released CD-r) 2004

Apparently there's about 17 'Die Trip Computer Die' CD-r's doing the rounds from around the turn of the millennium. This is one that has escaped total obscurity to tickle your lug holes and stimulate your hypothalamus.
This one is very much more Post-Club, plunderphonic samplerdelic mindfuckery. Like Trip-hop fed trough a sausage making machine with added spice in place of the pure cubes of unpalatable fat. There's nothing I'd enjoy more than feeding Tricky or Massive Attack through a mincer, and selling them back to the 'hip' ganja toking clubbing clique as tastless sausages.Smoke this sausage if you dare?
DTCD, do dance culture deconstruction effortlessly,mixing it up as a nice fluffy omelet to compliment your Trippy Tricky sausage.


1-18 Untitled

DOWNLOAD into the abyss HERE!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Die Trip Computer Die - "Shorter Circuits Vol.1" (Self-Released CD-r) 2001

More plundered madness from underneath the underground,and beyond beyond obscurity.Probably recorded 'Live' around 2001,there is little or no information available on these non-releases.
This is another of these privately distributed CD-r's, by noise decomposer/ video artist Lepke Buchwater (Milk from Cheltenham) with Xentos 'Fray' Bentos (also known as L. Voag, Pete the Drummer, Dr. Shagnasty and 'Bubbles' in the Beyoncé fan club, formerly of The Homosexuals) and Ted Barrow. inventor of various ur-instruments, most notably 'The Baxtertron' which was an electronic 'black box' constructed inside a recently vacated Ferrero Rocher box.
Thrill to the turgid layers of circuit bending overlaying blatantly ripped off music loopage processed to appeal to the unsuspecting post-clubber in the chill-out room, to worm its way into the befuddled brane of Mr and Mrs Henry normal,and other tattooed Chavs and chavettes.
This abstract reorganisation of popular culture into something deeply unpopular, is subversion of the highest quality, by persons who seem to have zero interest in the cult of personality, or an ego.This is to be roundly applauded......not that they'd be interested in receiving applause;one would guess they would view that as failure. 


1. Summer Evilings
2. Party Rally Anthem
3. Bloodmilch
4. the Rusting Of Techno Cop
5. Anti-Fugue(Theme of the Horn Rimmed Ones)
6. The Samantha Cycle Part IV
7. Ants...
8. Buchwater-Agnet of F.E.A.R.

DOWNLOAD some fried circuits HERE!

Friday, 27 April 2018

Die Trip Computer Die - "All Shag Ringo" (Self-released CD-r) 2004

In the grand tradition of Die Computer Trip Die,I've plundered a recycled review of this great ,very privately released record in a language I can't understand, by a member of the public on some forgotten web-site., somewhere out there; and Die Trip Computer Die are certainly very 'out there'; as deliberately obscurely as anybody has ever sell-out a little, i can reveal that this is distantly Homosexuals related, so you now know that its very good indeed......if a trifle smart-arse,but the 'Good' kind of smart-arse.
Take it away Fabio R.......:

"Enigmatica, intricata, colossale trilogia sperimentale di mai immessa in commercio quella di Die Trip Computer Die, in tre torrenziali satelliti ‘stream of consciousness’:All Shag Ringo, ottenuti tessendo con pazienza, perizia, intrigo ed estro casalingo, un’infinità di suoni e visioni, forme dinamiche e scarti di lavorazione.
Si ottiene un ‘monstre’ collage D.I.Y. in assoluta libertà strutturale, tra samplers, improvvisazioni, immersioni ambientali, decolli e frastorni psichedelici, rotte spaziali con onnipresenti lattiginosi filamenti di tastiera a tessere e palesare reami metafisici e visioni celesti. Tutto ciò è fatto ‘reagire’ con brandelli di suoni, sfigurate e terrificanti emissioni media, alieni-quotidiani dal richiamo mnemonico e d’effetto spiazzante. Si genera un rapporto conturbante e alquanto inaudito tra elementi sì disposti, dalle giunture truccate, di suggestive e arcane forme richiamate.
Incerta rimane la data di realizzazione, mancando qualsiasi menzione ad essa. Qualcuno menziona il 2002, ma questi montaggi potrebbero calarsi negli anni ’90, stanti indubbie comunanze con The Orb atterrati nella California dell’assurdo di LAFMS, o l’abilità collagista, fedeltà e immaginario, ardire e ardore tipici delle recenti, smaliziate generazioni di artisti elettronici." (Fabio R.)

I couldn't agree more did you say again?


1. All Shag Ringo
2. Untitled
3. I Was A Prisoner Of The Feedback king
4. Untitled
5. Loyal telly
6. Untitled
7. You Will Forget pain
8. Untitled
9. The Psilent Ones

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Die Trip Computer Die - "Angry Dan Presents: Stop Killing Jelly Trousers" ( Altered States Tapes ‎– AST023) 2011

This is ,arguably, my favourite record of the 'teenies', though how one argues with oneself is worth an argument in itself.......with oneself? 
As i'm high on Volterol's anti-inflammatory magic blended with a swiftly imbibed (the past participale of 'Imbibe') pint of guiness,I will push the boat out and say, "This is a perfect record". It ticks all the boxes in my sad internet fantasyland. It's very funny, innovative to the max, challenging,intellectually stimulating, did I say 'Funny'?......well...all that lot and more.
Yes, there's a lot of Plunderphonia about this cassette, but it's not pretentious like Oswalds' version of the genre, and its shitloads more amusing than Negativland, which is natural because 'Die Trip Computer Die' are English, and Negativland are far too 'clever' for their own goods American types.Amos, aka Xentos Fray Bentos of DTCD, did, again, arguably, invent the genre after all,as L Voag back in '79? No wonder that 'Angry Dan' is livid!
Die Trip Computer Die, are ,of course, Jim Whelton, late of the Homosexuals, Lepke Buchwater (Milk From Cheltenham), and Ted Barrow.....dunno much about him,but he sounds like someone who would have ran a market stall who sold out of print soul cd's.

Here's what it  says on the Altered States website:

"Altered States is proud to plop out this latest steaming opus by the now-defunct, absurdist trio, Die Trip Computer Die. Made up of men who were at one stage or another involved in UK post-punk unit The Homosexuals, DTCD utilise various instruments, circuit-bent equipment and plundered sample loops to achieve lift-off. Most importantly they use their (collective) MIND in order to crumble YOURS. Angry Dan Presents: Stop Killing Jelly Trousers was recorded live in Pontins, Nijmegan during a holiday in 2002 with the verbal verbosity of au pair, Angry Dan mastering ceremonies. However, this recording information may be merely another red herring left in your letterbox by the Trippers. ADP: SKJT is a twice a year listen, but when you do bring yourself to press play, it ll tie your laces and poach your eggs. 60 copies, pro tapes, cover + insert by Myjyerljcle Stevrdjnen Lesteechskinz."


Side A - (19:48)
Side B - (18:54)

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Domestic Sampler UMYU" (Umyu ‎– UmyuI-1138) 198/2

Well, while England were being knocked out of the World Cup in Spain without actually losing a single match and only conceding one goal; due to a ridiculous system now kicked to the kerb.
The Barcelona underground were strutting their stuff on this 'seminal' sampler, which also included rare tracks from Jim Whelton and Lepke Buchwater, aka Milk From Cheltenham ,Amos & Superslicks, and The Hostiapaths.These were recorded at the same session that produced the "Psst-Wanna Buy A Tape" and Bing Selfish records.
Although,most of the groups sound as if this could have been one of those fake compilations that Jim and the Homosexuals were so keen to foist on the general public.They are in fact the real Spanish deal,despite Whelton being the main reason why I have posted this album, there is a lot more of interest in the Spanish input than one would have thought.Its great stuff.

I Haven't had a bitter Rant for ages,and as i mentioned the '82 World Cup fiasco one goes..........
Who wants to win the fucking World Fucking Cup anyway when you've got music like this to remind you that unbridled capitalistic gain has its alternatives.Such is the state of Modern Football, populated by millionaire players from countries you've never heard of, playing for clubs owned by billionaires from countries you've never heard of......a playground for the super rich, attended by the Nouveaux Riche in place of the working class who made the sport up in the first place! They've stolen our sport, like the fuckers have stolen our music, fashion, and culture. Boycott the world cup in gangster state Russia for a start (England are shit anyway so who cares?); then comes the world cup in the desert in that Football homeland of Qatar(won by bribing officials by the way...proven).With air conditioned stadia built by slave laborers, a lot of whom died so the bourgeois can watch football in comfort, before returning to their six star hotel to argue which player deserved a 100% pay rise.
Fuck that shit! this record instead, and remember the days when fun was free, and the Footballers who represented your home town actually came from a street near you. 


1–El Grito Acusador - Somos Punks 1:55
2–The Hostiapaths - Tchang Kai Chek 1:30
3–El Grito Acusador - James Bond No Lo Hacía Por Dinero 1:10
4–Entr'Acte - No Es Deixi Vestir Per Una Màquina 3:29
5–Milk From Cheltenham - The Unloved 1:35
6–Error Genético - Tumor En La Frente 3:00
7–Detra's Band - 10 En El Horno 1:31
8–Tres - I Doubt 3:00
9–Amos & Superslicks - Blue Pink Suits 1:08
10–Klamm - Eish Anta 6:50
11–Boris - La Banda De Doris 1:30
12–Entr'Acte - L'Altre Escàndol De L'Extranya Dona 2:45
13–Logotipo - Teoría De Contacto 3:15
14–Secreto Metro - Esparadrapo 5:01
15–Mimi Piner - Perfect Lunch 3:40

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Bing Selfish ‎– "Selfish Works" (El Frenzy Productions ‎– NM008) 1983

Another tenuous Homosexuals connection is this debut 12incher from Comedian Bing Selfish,which includes a large input from Amos (Jim Whelton),Lepke Buchwater (Milk From Cheltenham,Die Trip Computer Die!) and from the Murphy Foundation (which i may post some of.....although not a fan).
Recorded in Barcelona with free studio-time during a session for the 'Domestic Sampler' compilation (up next),this fits in stylistically with Whelton's other skewed poppy work very nicely.
the rest of the tracks they recorded cropped up on the "Psst- Wanna Buy A Tape' compilation a few years later.
Bing continues to release records today.....not heard them though, so one shouldn't comment, one supposes?


A1 Spanish Dictators
A2 Australia
B1 Rekjavic
B2 He Knows
B3 The Crush

Monday, 23 April 2018

Jandek - "This Narrow Road" (Corwood Industries 0768) 2001

HOORAH!It's that time of the week's Monday....and its time to start off the worst day of the week with a real downer.....It's JANDEK MONDAY!

Nearly didn't make it because of bloodvessel busting computer problems.I tried doing it on my old skool iPhone 4, but that sent me even further into the ballistic bracket! It Dun my brane in!
Alas, all is fixed now, after five hours of expletive soaked work.Now, Jandek sounds like the sweet music of Angels.....well at least like that of some haunting ginger Siren, luring happy balanced individuals onto the jagg-ed rocks of misery.

Today's choice is inspired by a kind Jandek Obsessive pointing out that this was actually Jandek's 'second' spoken word album,in the very under-used comments section of the "Worthless recluse" post; in which i had erroneously stated was actually his second, when, silly me, it was in fact his third!?.....won't make that error again, especially as i will probably never mention this album ever again in my life.
Its not as good a title as "Worthless Recluse" anyway.

Of all of the landfill site filling quantities of Jandek albums, probably the most disturbing and soporific volumes, are indeed, the 'Spoken Word'or 'Unaccompanied Singing' episodes.They sound like the tapes sent to the Police from nuts claiming to be The Zodiac Killer or Jack the Ripper's representative on earth.Or the rantings of one of those perv's with a sealed apartment in their basement, filled with missing women who were snatched as children existing alongside his and their malnourished progeny.
The untuned guitar work is sorely missed, as that was the only thing that kept one awake during the Corwood Representative's duller moments.
I dunno, maybe I'm still pissed off at my 'tech' problems?
It still scores a big '10' for creepiness, and there's nothing quite like it out there;and....its got a song/poem called 'Killer Cats In The Caribbean'!!!!.....if you don't dig that ,then you better stick to Phil Collins for your entertainment.


1 One Last Chance 29:21
2 Killer Cats In The Caribbean 3:05
3 Yes You Are 2:44
4 The Name I Had 3:30
5 I Need To Be 2:03
6 Pieces Of Place 3:29
7 Never Never Never 1:05
8 Just Like The Floor 2:20
9 Ten O’Clock Shadows 2:48
10 Come Over Here 1:06
11 Frosted Field 1:02
12 I Knew About Them 3:34

DOWNLOAD via the narrow road that is the information superhighway HERE!